What We Do

What We Do To Help You

Integrated Cancer Treatment Awareness
We raise awareness of integrated cancer treatments and provide the information you need to know about how natural treatments can work with conventional treatments to help with side affects and generally help your body to cope better with treatment.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Awareness
We raise awareness of alternative cancer treatments that are natural and gentle on the body using nutrition and without harmful toxins and the side effects from orthodox treatments. Natural cancer treatments allow the body to heal naturally. Opting out of orthodox cancer treatments can be a very scary thing to do with pressure from family and friends and also medical staff, as this is the course most people take and alternative treatments are not well known or publicised.

Mentoring Programme
We provide support to cancer sufferers who want to follow an integrated or alternative cancer treatment, through our Volunteer Mentoring Programme.

All clients make their own choices about integrated and alternative cancer treatments, which one is right for them, if at all.

Reducing the risk of Cancer
Most people know someone who has been affected by cancer and aware of the devastation it causes. We provide information about diet and lifestyle changes necessary to help reduce the risks of cancer.

Complementary Treatments
We provide treatments that can help with dealing with stress, anxiety and trauma which help with these conditions.

Family Focus
We support the whole family when someone is affected by cancer. We understand how distressing it is when a family member receives a cancer diagnosis. We provide complementary treatments for family members.


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About Us

Help Stop Cancer
Fighting cancer with nutrition


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