Cancer Treatments

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Some of you facing cancer do not wish to go down the route of orthodox treatments or you may have tried and don’t want to continue, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to explore different cancer treatments.

Stepping away from orthodox treatments is a vary scary thing to do and meets with so much criticism from friends, family and medical staff as all they know is orthodox treatments and there is so little knowledge regarding alternative treatments, therefore cancer sufferers are put under pressure to follow the norm. There are alternative treatments that are natural and more gentle on the body, mostly through nutrition, increasing the good foods and eliminating the bad ones and this restores the immune system so it is able to fight the cancer naturally.

Alternative cancer treatments are natural and have no damaging effects on the body and are more effective in treating the cause of cancer rather than just the symptoms, therefore the cancer does not come back as so often happens with orthodox treatments.

We have tried to find as many Alternative Cancer Treatments that we can that we wouldn’t hesitate to use if we had cancer. As we do more research we will add more treatments.

We have carried out many hours of research on the treatments so we can give you as much guidance as possible.

Different Alternative Cancer Treatments should not be mixed together by doing a bit of each, choose one treatment and keep to the guidelines.

But please remember that we are not recommended any treatment over another and the choice of what alternative cancer treatment you choose, if any, is totally your decision.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Budwig Protocal
Gerson Therapy
Cannabis Oil
Nori Protocol

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Alternative Cancer Treatments

Help Stop Cancer
Fighting Cancer with Nutrition


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