South Holland Project

South Holland District of Lincolnshire

Raising awareness of alternative cancer treatments
We raise awareness of alternative cancer treatments throughout the UK, that fight the cause of cancer and not just the symptoms.

So many people are affected by cancer and think that chemotherapy and radiation are the only options of treatment available to them. This is not the case. We aim to provide as much information as possible about alternative cancer treatments so you can make an informed decision about your cancer treatment and to encourage you to do you own research into which alternative cancer treatment is best for you, if at all.

What is The South Holland Project
The South Holland Project is where we concentrate our support.

Come and talk to us:

  • if you have cancer
  • if a loved one has cancer
  • if someone you care for has cancer
  • if you are worried you may have cancer
  • if you have cancer in the family
  • if you are curious and want to know more

You can find information about different alternative treatments, alternative treatment survivors, cancer prevention and cancer screening.

South Holland Mentoring Programme
We run a Volunteer Mentoring Programme to support cancer sufferers who live in the South Holland District of Lincolnshire which provides a support network for cancer sufferers who choose to follow an alternative cancer treatment. If you would like more information on how we can support you please contact us through our contact us page.

Our Volunteers will be specially trained in the different alternative cancer treatments to be able to assist cancer sufferers by offering support and guidance with the treatment they wish to follow. For people choosing an alternative cancer treatment, this is a very scary and unknown path to follow and often attracts criticism, and negativity from health specialists, family and friends.

The Mentoring Programme offers cancer sufferers moral support, practical help with set up, treatment information, treatment training, phone support, and home visits.

We do not finance integrated or alternative treatments but if a cancer sufferer is experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford the necessary equipment and foods we maybe able to assist through our Fundraising Committee who may be able to raise funds to assist.

South Holland Fundraising Committee
We have a fundraising committee that organises fundraising events to raise valuable funds so we can assist as many cancer sufferers as possible.

The committee also plans what events to attend to raise the profile of the orgainisation and what we do.

If you would like to sit on the fundraising committee and help make decisions about how we raise funds and get involved with raising funds we would love to hear from you.

We train Volunteers to help and support cancer sufferers who choose to follow an integrated or alternative cancer treatment. Volunteers receive specialised training for this.

If you feel you would like to volunteer, we can offer you:
Job satisfaction
Basic Volunteer training
Specialised job specific training
Certified training
Work experience in a variety of roles
Work references for future work
Positions of responsibility
Volunteer promotion
Out of pocket expenses
You can do as much or as little as you choose, it’s entirely up to you

If you would like to know more about volunteering please contact us through our contact page for more information.

We value and respect our Volunteers.

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South Holland Volunteer Project


Our Core Values

Help Stop Cancer
Supporting those with cancer, their families and carers


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