Remembering Sean

Sean will always be in our hearts and will be remembered with so much love

Sean came into our lives as a gift from heaven but only for a short while and he was sadly called back home to heaven which broke our hearts.

Sean was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer 11th January 2011 after months of being in terrible pain and sadly passed away 7th March 2011.

Help Stop Cancer was set up in memory of Sean so that he will never be forgotten and maybe one day natural and gentle alternative cancer treatments will save lives and replace the barbaric treatment of chemotherapy, and stop people like Sean dying needlessly.


remembering Sean,help stop cancer

Sean was such a happy little boy

remembering Sean,help stop cancer,

Sean and his Nana

remembering Sean,help stop cancer

Sean’s teenage years

remembering Sean,help stop cancer,

Sean’s Wedding


remembering Sean,help stop cancer

Remembering Sean

help stop cancer,alternative cancer treatments,remembering Sean,

Sean worked for Autoglass in High Wycombe and they were so amazing to Sean, his Wife and their two children.







help stop cancer,alternative cancer treatments,remembering Sean,

Sending messages to Sean in Heaven on his birthday.


Remembering Sean video

Help Stop Cancer
Supporting those affected by cancer, their families and carers


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