Alternative Treatments Exist!

Cancer Research – Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments were not previously recognised by Cancer Research and recently they have changed their stance. Until recently they had a page on their website for alternative treatments but called such treatments ‘snake oils’ and advised that they should be avoided at all costs. They didn’t refer to any particular treatments just those that were not conventional.

Now they have quite a large section on different treatments that they do not class as conventional. They explain the differences between complementary and alternative treatments because they don’t want people to get confused between the two, which is good news. They do however, support some complementary therapies that can work along side conventional treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Gerson and Laetrile

Cancer Research now have pages on their website about the Gerson Therapy and Laetrile and even provide links so those who want to know more can visit the websites for themselves and do their own research. This should encourage cancer patients who previously knew nothing about such treatments to start looking into all the different options available to them and not limited to conventional treatments.


This is a huge breakthrough, they have started to recognise that there are alternative cancer treatments that cancer sufferers are using to treat themselves. The very fact that they have named these treatments and provided (not totally accurate) information about them is definitely a step forward. Cancer Research know that they can’t ignore these treatments and have to acknowledge that they do exist.

Cancer patients should have the right to know what other treatments are available to them. Many suffering from cancer will only know what their doctor tells them and not all patients want to go down the route of convention. By Cancer Research putting the information about different alternative treatments on their website, gives more options to those who need and want it.

The Way Forward

Medical professionals need more training about the benefits of nutrition and start treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Dr Rangan Chatterjee recently admitted in an interview that doctors don’t receive any kind of nutritional training at medical school when they are training to be a doctor, therefore not qualified to give advise on nutrition to patients.

We need more research into alternative cancer treatments to evaluate their effectiveness but because there are no financial gains from these treatments, no one will finance the research. Without this research, the various natural cancer treatments will not be recognised or given any credit.

All those who have successfully treated their cancer naturally and are now cancer free will be classed purely as anecdotal and their treatment will not be recognised.

apricot kernels,apricot seeds,B17,laetrile,

Apricot seeds B17-Laetrile

Gerson Therapy

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