Nutritionists Say Ginger May Cure Cancer

I found this article and have extracted part of it from the British Journal of Nutrition, which makes very interesting reading on how fruit and vegetables can be used to prevent and treat cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common non-cutaneous malignancy in American men, afflicting one in six men. It is estimated that in the USA, one new case occurs every 2·4 min and a death results every 16·4 min from prostate cancer. Clinically significant prostate cancer appears to develop over 20–30 years, thus presenting a ‘large window’ of opportunity for interventional chemopreventive strategies(1,2). Although the traditional focus has been on treating existing tumours with chemotherapeutic agents that most often exert toxic side effects, development of chemopreventive approaches that can prevent, suppress or reverse progression to invasive cancer represents a relatively young field with tremendous promise to reduce cancer burden(3,4).

Laboratory and epidemiological research during the past three decades has provided indisputable evidence, indicating that high intake of fruits and vegetables is linked to a reduced cancer susceptibility including prostate cancer risk(57). Several National Cancer Institute (NCI) initiatives continue to underscore the importance of including fruits and vegetables in the daily diet as a cancer chemopreventive measure(5,810). Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals (carotenoids, polyphenolics, anthocyanins, alkaloids, N and S compounds) that have been shown to target multiple neoplastic stages to reduce overall cancer risk(11). About thirty-five plant-based foods identified by the NCI to be effective in cancer prevention include garlic, ginger, turmeric, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage) and grape seed extracts(12).

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