Alternative Cancer Treatments Slated

Alternative Cancer Treatments

I get very saddened by articles I read that slate alternative cancer therapies and treatments.

Cancer sufferers are only given one option when they go through the NHS and that is conventional treatment, they are not informed about any other treatments that could be available to them so they are not given a choice about the treatment they can have.

Chemotherapy is a toxic treatment and natural treatments are not toxic. Chemo completely destroys the immune system while natural treatments work on rebuilding the immune system. The body cannot fight cancer without the immune system so why are cancer sufferers given a treatment that destroys the body’s natural defenses.

Gerson Therapy is dangerous, how can infusing the body with natural nutrients from foods be dangerous. The nutrients from the Gerson juices restores the body’s immune system so it is able to fight the cancer naturally.

Coffee enemas are dangerous, the only way they are dangerous is if they are done to rough and when they are done on ones self that is going to be gentle.

When someone tells the world that they have cured their own cancer by using an alternative treatment, is this not proof that it works. Why does the medical system not take an interest and say ‘Wow what did you do, maybe we could learn from this’. Instead the cure is ignored and often ridiculed.

Surely if chemo and radiation are not giving satisfactory results, which they are not, why would other options be ignored. Because pharmaceutical companies can’t make money out of natural products.

Orthodox treatments of proven efficiency, where is the proof of the efficiency!!!!!! Cancer is the number one killer in the world today, if orthodox treatments are so efficient why do we have this problem?

At Help Stop Cancer we raise awareness of alternative cancer treatments, so people know there is a choice about what cancer treatment they choose to have and its not restricted to radiation and chemo. We also support cancer sufferers who choose to follow and alternative cancer treatment.

Help Stop Cancer
Fighting cancer with nutrition to save lives


About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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