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Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy is a scientifically evolved natural protocol which utilizes the body’s own healing mechanism in the treatment and alleviation of chronic degenerative illness. Most therapies, both conventional and alternative, tend to treat only symptoms, while ignoring the underlying cause of the disease. The Gerson Therapy does the opposite, by concentrating on the true cause of the disease while not neglecting its symptoms; it rebuilds the body’s debilitated immune system, thus enabling the organism’s built-in self-healing power to restore health.

The Gerson Support Group UK (GSG) is a UK Registered Charity (No.1063646), founded by recovered cancer patients in 1993. They maintain a Helpline (+44 (0) 494 792 463), and provide information, practical training and support to patients and their carers. They all work as volunteers, and if you would like to join us to support the GSG, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Help Stop Cancer
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I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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  1. sphillips161 says:

    Story about a Cancer Patient taking the Holistic Route‏: my name is Stephanie Phillips, I am writing you because I need your help getting awareness for a local member of the community. My dear friend and co-worker Raquel Ndzeidze is battling with a rare form of Ovarian Cancer. She has struggled with this form of cancer since she was 23 years old and now she is 32 years old. She is an Oregonian and lives here in Corvallis. Raquel first was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when he was 23 years old and had surgery to remove a 14lb cancer tumor. She recovered and was in remission for many years and the cancer came back a couple of times. She has had a couple of surgeries to remove the cancer but since her cancer is so rare, there is no treatment options in the United States. She has been trying to do a therapy known as the Gerson Therapy that has helped her significantly. With the Gerson Therapy she has been able to change her diet, change her lifestyle, and become healthier. But the Gerson Therapy isn’t supported in the United States so she isn’t able tot get the full treatment she needs.Raquel has a rare form of cancer, so rare in fact that there are currently no treatments options in the United States besides surgery, which she has had. Chemotherapy and radiation do not work on this rare type of cancer. She has searched worldwide and found two clinics that can give her lifesaving treatment; one is in Europe the other in Mexico. Raquel will need to be in at the clinic for 8 weeks and her insurance will NOT pay for this treatment. Total cost of this treatment is $65,000 and the full amount has to be paid before she can receive this treatment. The treatment includes insulin potential therapy, metabolic iv therapies, immune vaccine therapies, and most importantly the Rigvir virotherapy program that is only offered in two hospitals in the world. These treatments are not offered in the US. She has a Go Fund Me page set up by her sister to help her fund her total cost for the treatment and the trip. Raquel is from Lebanon, lives in Corvallis, and graduated from OSU. She is a wonderful person who would help anyone. Her positive spirit and thoughts keep her fighting forward, with everything she has going on, she does not let her cancer stop her or slow her down. Please help in anyway you can.


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