Can You Donate Just £1

What Your £1 Will Buy

The leaflets printed with your money could recruit a volunteer who could go on to help a cancer sufferer with support and that cancer sufferer could go on to be a cancer survivor. That’s what your £1 could buy and that is priceless.

Can you give just £1
If 250 people donate £1 we would reach our target so we could get leaflets printed to recruit and specially train volunteers to help cancer sufferers who want to use an alternative cancer treatment rather than orthodox treatments. A lot of support is required by individuals to sustain an alternative treatment.

Volunteers are the key to our organisation and we couldn’t exist without them. But we need to recruit them. We have put in place the recruitment procedure, written the Volunteer Handbook and the Induction Training Package.

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Help Stop Cancer raising awareness of alternative cancer treatments

Thank you for helping Help Stop Cancer

Help Stop Cancer
Raising awareness of Alternative Cancer Treatments



About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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