Cancer Cure

What defines a cancer cure?

When chemotherapy or radiation kills cancer this is called remission, when an alternative cancer treatment kills cancer this is called a cancer cure.

Why is this?

Cancer Remission

When chemotherapy or radiation or both are giving to a cancer sufferer it only kills the symptoms and not the root cause of the cancer. In almost most all cases cancer will come back in some form or other. This is because the orthodox treatment only kills the cancer cells and at the same time weakens the immune system, the cause of the cancer is not addressed. The cause of the cancer can be a combination of many different things, usually a weakened immune system, which can be weakened through trauma, stress, illness etc.

Because the orthodox treatment of cancer leaves a person’s immune system so weakened, the body can’t fight anything including the normal cancer cells, which we all have and so the cancer starts to grow again.

We all have cancer cells in our body and everyday our immune system is striving to keep these at bay and keeping us healthy. When the immune system is weakened it can’t keep these cancer cells at by and eventually they turn into a tumour and this is when we have a problem.

Cancer Cure

When an alternative cancer treatment is followed it is to boost the immune system so that it starts working properly again and can start to kill off the cancer cells itself without any medication.

This is treating the root cause, which is usually a malfunction of the immune system. But once you get the immune system working properly again it is able to kill the cancer cells and restore the person to full health. This is a cancer cure. By keeping the immune system at an optimum level this will keep the individual in a healthy state and the cancer will not come back unless the immune system is affected again. It is vital to keep the immune system in tip top condition while fighting cancer and after to stop the cancer returning.

Cancer Cure

Cancer Cure

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