Bowel Cancer

Young People Are Getting Bowel Cancer

Doctors say that bowel cancer in young people is very rare, but yet more and more young people are being affected by it and dying from it.

My precious son lost his life to bowel cancer and because he was so young the doctors ignored all the typical symptoms of bowel cancer which he had and looked for other reasons for his symptoms.

The symptoms my son had
lost 3 stone in weight in a very short time
had blood in his stools
had severe pain in his abdoman
had lumps in the side of his stomach
he was yellow (the cancer had spread to his liver)

The doctors treated him for:
crohns disease
irritable bowel disease

The doctors couldn’t explain the lumps in his side, the black marks on his liver on the scan, the weight loss or the severe pain but they said they were not overly worried about any of them.

They decided to do an exploratory operation to find out what was going on. They found a large tumor in my son’s bowel and the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and his liver. A colon resection was done as they couldn’t remove the tumor because it was so large and too dangerous.

My son had terminal bowel cancer

It took the medical system 5 months to make the diagnosis and my son suffered terribly with the pain in all this time. One doctor even said to him ‘go away, your wasting my time, you have taken too many painkillers’.

My son was so weak from being ill for 5 months, being in pain and not being able to eat properly and then the large operation he had, they then gave him chemotherapy which his weak body couldn’t cope with and it killed him. You can visit our Remembering Sean page.

We are a small charity raising funds to help others with cancer who want to try alternative cancer treatments and if you would like to help us raise funds to help those with bowel cancer we would be very grateful and so would our cancer beneficiaries.

Our donation page.

Our About Us page explains how we got started and why.
Our Core Values

Help Stop Cancer
Raising awareness of Alternative Cancer Treatments


About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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3 Responses to Bowel Cancer

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  2. So are there any theories as to how or what brought about the bowel cancer? In adults it typically is attributed to food, but for your son that does not quite seem to fit the bill.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health


    • crislis1001 says:

      Most cancer is caused by a malfunction in the immune system, typically our bodies kill cancer cells everyday but when you have an immune system that isn’t working properly, the cancer cells become a tumour. My sons cancer was caused by trauma which weakened his immune system.

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