Alternative Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Local men use alternative treatment for prostate cancer

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An average of three-out-of-four men in the country develop prostate cancer and treatment options are very limited, or are they?

Bokchito residents and longtime neighbors Walter Prentice and Reggie Green discovered an option the doctor didn’t tell them about.

Both men were diagnosed with prostate cancer during regular check-ups with a doctor when it was revealed that they had high Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels.

While best known options include surgery or Chemo-therapy, Prentice was not satisfied with his life being interrupted so he found a different way.

He is an aerial applicator for over 40 years who flies nearly every day and can’t afford to be down after surgery or feeling ill due to chemo-therapy.

He heard a commercial one day that gave him the answer he was looking for. The commercial was for a little known treatment called proton-therapy.

Proton therapy is an alternative to traditional radiation that specifically targets the cancerous tissues and spares the surrounding healthy tissue from unnecessary radiation.

“It’s like a 22 versus a shot gun,” said Prentice. After some research, Prentice decided this was the way to go and he has no regrets.


He went the closest facility, ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City, nearly 150 miles away. He said not only was the treatment painless and noninvasive but the staff was courteous and prompt.

Although Prentice and Green did not normally socialize together, they did talk occasionally and so did their wives. “We’ve known each other our whole lives but we don’t really know each other,” said Green.

When Prentice’s wife learned about Green’s condition she urged Green’s wife to have him call Prentice and said they may have something in common.

Green was experiencing the same apprehension as Prentice toward the treatment options he was presented by his doctor.

He finally called Prentice’s home and his wife told him that he was in the city for treatment for prostate cancer.

When the men finally talked, Prentice urged Green to try proton-therapy. “Walter was telling me how good it was ‘Reggie you need to come up here and check this out,’” Green recalled.

Both men went through the 2 month process in which they received a round of treatment every day. They reported no pain or negative side effects.

The men said the only thing that indicates they even received the treatment is a small mark on their sides where the treatment was administered.

Both men went about their busy lives and report feeling fine now and want the world to know about this treatment.

“We wanna try to help someone else,” said Prentice. They said the ProCure treat all kinds of tumors with proton-therapy and people from around the world were at the facility for treatments.

The men said if they could give any advice it would be for men to have their PSA levels checked every year and to explore treatment options.


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