Therapist Raising Funds For His Alternative Cancer Treatment

The Brentwood therapist seeking 30k alternative treatment to beat his terminal cancer

Alternative cancer treatments can help stop cancer.

(Article taken from the Brentwood Gazette)

A THERAPIST who has helped to save countless lives is now facing his own battle with cancer.

Alistair Rhind, from Brentwood, has been told by doctors in the UK there is nothing they can do for the prostate cancer threatening to kill him.

alternative cancer treatments help stop cancer

help stop cancer

However, friends and family are rallying round to raise £30,000 for alternative treatment in Germany that could save the 57-year-old’s life.

He told the Gazette: “It is difficult because when I go to see the doctor, as far as they are concerned I’m done. Initially you get infected by that feeling but when I go away I think, ‘I’m not having any of this’ and it makes me more determined to fight it. That’s what made me do the funding thing. If I could just get to Germany I could get some treatment.”

So far the total raised stands at almost £14,000.

He added: “There have been lots of people who have contributed amounts from £5 to £2,000. It has been amazing. Loads of people I don’t know have been sending their best wishes.”

With a combined 45 years of professional and research experience in psychology, psychiatry and natural therapies between them, Alistair and his wife Rebekah have a commitment and passion for alternative healing approaches, which they still practise through the Freedom Hypnotherapy and Coaching Clinic, in Gresham Road.

Mr Rhind said: “There is a parallel. So many people have been given up on by their doctors who are treated like they are hopeless cases. But someone has got to believe in that person long enough. It’s not just the pills – it’s the belief, and the power of that belief in the person, and the other person’s ability to come out of that problem.

“The parallel with me is that I have to find doctors who believe. The main NHS doctors just think you are knackered. But I am just a stubborn guy. If I go downhill then fair enough but at least I went downhill fighting.”

The therapist, who has been practising since he was 20 and who lived in Brentwood for more than three decades, said the treatment in Germany offers a hope he believes the NHS should.

The treatment relies on high-temperature therapy, which makes the cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy.

He said: “The difference is they don’t believe this guy is finished. In their mind they say, ‘Of course we can cure it, we have cured terminal cancer loads of times’, which is the first part of it and in my mind is the most important thing. I feel really angry about it and if everything works out all right, I’m going to start making a bit of a row when I get back.”

His daughter Hannah Walker, 25, said: “The truth of it is he has had cancer for two-and-a-half years and, through healthy living, he has prolonged his life until now. We would like him to go to Germany as soon as possible in June but we don’t have that much time. I can’t tell how many people he has helped. Hundreds, thousands probably.

“It just shows when you go on the funding page, his clients have been donating after he saved their life and they have recognised that.”

The 25-year-old added: “My dad has got his own opinions and he sticks by them, without a doubt.

“And he has got his own way of approaching life and illness, which is unique, controversial and brave.

“He has always stood by everything I do. He is the most supportive person in my life and whether he agrees with me or not he has always supported me.

“The way I am today is because of him. I speak my mind and tell the truth.”

“How can it be that a man capable of affecting the lives of so many for the better, can just be left to die? How is that right?

“It’s an injustice that’s just too hard to bear. And all it would take, all that needs to happen is for doctors in the UK to accept that there can be other ways, to not just give up on someone, but to offer them choice, opportunity and life.”

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