Fundraising Helps Gerry Try Alternative Cancer Treatment

Fundraising helps Gerry try alternative treatment

(article taken from the Swindon Advertiser)

alternative cancer treatments

alternative cancer treatments

FATHER-of-two Gerry Hunt is steadily regaining strength and already trying a range of alternative cancer treatments thanks to hundreds of donations from kind benefactors.

The drumming teacher from Wroughton was diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011 before entering remission in early 2013. But by August of that year he was told the cancer had returned.

In April, despite an aggressive course of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, the 62-year-old was told by doctors they had exhausted all options and he was given two to four months to live.

His family immediately started an appeal for funds to cover the cost of alternative therapies not yet available on the NHS.

Since then they have raised £4,000 which has covered the cost of a homeopathic treatment in Chippenham to boost his immune system, as well as a course of B17 vitamin.

Gerry is also poised to start a course of Dichloroacetate (DCA) Cancer Treatment capsules which have been ordered from the United States.

Yesterday he travelled to the Vision of Hope Clinic, an alternative cancer treatment specialist centre in Brighton to explore further options.

His daughter-in-law Lindsay Hunt, 34, said: “Gerry is doing well, bless his heart. He’s just started vitamin B17 and today he was with the Vision of Hope Clinic in Brighton to see what his options are.

“We are also waiting on Dichloroacetate Cancer Treatment capsules to arrive from America. He has also been under the care of homeopath Timothy Part for a month now. All of this has been covered by the funds raised. We have almost hit the £4,000 mark and more is still filtering in.

“Local bands have even been donating percentages of their wages. It has been amazing.”

Lymphomas are cancers of the lymphatic system, which forms part of the body’s immune system.

Gerry had also begun a new course of chemotherapy to prolong his life but was forced to stop the treatment this month as he was too weak to continue. But the setback has not crushed the family’s hopes of seeing Gerry recover as his health continues to improve.

Thanks to the new treatments, Gerry, who just last month was struggling to eat and had difficulty moving, was able to perform at a concert to help to raise funds towards alternative therapies and more recently was strong enough to board a plane for a one-hour journey over the Cotswolds.

“Sadly the new NHS drug isn’t suitable for Gerry but there are so many alternative treatment avenues that we’re currently working towards,” added mother-of-two Lindsay from West Swindon. “The alternative treatments were what we wanted anyway.”

She added: “At the concert we auctioned off a flight from Staverton Airport in Gloucester and the winners went on the flight with Gerry on May 18.

“He would not have been able to walk to the plane before. We all went to see him off and waited for him to come back. It was brilliant.”

To make a donation to Gerry, visit

alternative cancer treatments

alternative cancer treatments



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