Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer

Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer

Apricot seeds kill cancer yet they have been banned so you can’t buy them in any shop, you have to order them online.

The link below explains how Jason Vale used apricot seeds to treat his cancer and he was put in prison for telling people about it.

Read how Jason used apricot seeds and the truth about apricot seeds.

apricot seeds kill cancer

apricot seeds kill cancer


About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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2 Responses to Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer

  1. Keep in mind you can eat apricots and then with a hammer or pliers break open the pits. Increasing your fruit intake and saving on shipping. Also, works with peaches and plums.

    My latest post also goes into some basic no cost steps that a person can take.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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