What The Government Don’t Want You To Know!

Be prepared to be shocked by this video.

100 years of suppressed cancer cures. There are Alternative Cancer Treatments but the Government call them illegal. WHY!


About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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3 Responses to What The Government Don’t Want You To Know!

  1. The Word says:

    Someday, more and more people will be aware of this as we will all be set free from all the lies which don’t serve us for many years…

    I am continually with you, Christine…


    • crislis1001 says:

      I hope that one day people will realise that orthodox cancer treatments don’t work, they do more harm than good and pharmaceutical companies are making money out of them and they don’t care if people live or die.
      Thank you for your support.


      • The Word says:

        More and more people are coming out without fear. You are one good example. We are in the age of enlightenment. I believe we will witness someday the transformation of humanity…


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