Funding Cannabis Oil Research For Cancer Treatment

I found this article, which filled me with hope for the future alternative treatments of cancer and admiration that this lady is taking action to support her beliefs. I pray it has an impact but unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have too much of a say in this.

Anna prepares to run for cannabis to fund research

MBTC-02-04-13- Anna Bragga. Bedford. Anna Bragga is running the Sandy 10 raising money to fund research into the positive effects of Cannabis oil on cancer patients.
Published on 04/04/2013 15:27

A runner is set take to the streets at the weekend to raise money for a new fund set up that hopes to carry out research into cannabis oil.

Anna Bragga, 47, will be running the Sandy Ten on Sunday to raise money for the campaign she has started called Running For Oil – Race Againist Cancer,

Research charity the Dr Hadwen Trust has agreed to set up the fund, which it now plans to put out to tender to scientists, with the hope someone will agree to carry out the research.

Anna wants to see cannabis oil being used as a legal and recognised treatment for cancer.

Anna, of Conduit Road, Bedford, said: “I wanted to start running and taking part in races, and obviously wanted to raise money for charity. So I started looking round and saw the many cancer charities.

“And then I started to do a bit more research into cannabis oil and how it can help cancer patients. It is now something I feel really passionate about and think it really needs to be legalised.

“I have done a lot of research and I’ve seen cases where people using cannabis oil have seen their cancer cells being killed, and some cases brain tumours and cancers have just completely disappeared.”

Anna, who runs her own PR consultancy firm, says she got in touch with the Dr Hadwen Trust because it is a charity that carried out scientific research, but does not test on animals.

They agreed to set up the fund and will also help with some money, but she still needs to generate as much cash as she can.

She added: “I’m really enjoying getting into running, and it’s all for a great cause.”

You can donate to the cannabis oil fund online at

We need this research to be done so hemp oil can be a recognised cancer treatment because it works.



About Help Stop Cancer

I lost my Son to bowel cancer.
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7 Responses to Funding Cannabis Oil Research For Cancer Treatment

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    • crislis1001 says:

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